• Ferguson to Palestine

    Sumud by Madeline

  • Remi Ferguson

    Remi Kanazi

  • New Meme PSC

    Ferguson Weekend of Resistance

  • Hedy_Arrested2

    90-Year-Old Hedy Epstein Arrested While Demanding that Governor Nixon De-Escalate Police Militarization in Ferguson

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    What Is BDS?

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    Open Letter to John Kerry

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    A Note

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    Take Action Now!

  • Murad

    I Risked Imprisonment by Israel and Death to Study in the United States by Murad Owda

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Saint Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee (STL-PSC) is a project of the St. Louis Instead of War Coalition. We began organizing against Israeli Apartheid and the Israeli occupation in 2009 in response to the calls of Palestinian civil society for organized action against the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. STL-PSC Mission Statement: The Saint Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee is united in supporting the struggle for equal rights, freedom, and security for all peoples of historic Palestine. We welcome all groups and/or individuals […]

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Ferguson to Palestine

Sumud by Madeline

PSC member Madeline Buthod is on an Interfaith Peace Builder’s delegation and offers us the following testimony… Today we went to the Tent of Nations, a hilltop farm just outside of Bethlehem. To get there we all piled in the tour bus and headed down an Israeli highway. I’d like to take a minute to explain that the bus has yellow Israeli license plates so we are allowed on these roads which connect illegal settlements to each other and to […]

Remi Ferguson

Remi Kanazi


New Meme PSC

Ferguson Weekend of Resistance

“Solidarity does not mean our struggles are the same. Solidarity means all struggles matter.” – Professor Robin D.G. Kelley at National Organizers’ Conference of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, September 21, 2014. The murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has shone a spotlight on racism, police brutality and militarized policing in the United States. Resistance to Mike Brown’s killing was met with violent repression in the form of rubber bullets, tanks, and tear gas. As thousands […]